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SS Rotor ImageOur 2-piece floating rotors are easily recognizable out on the dirt or pavement.  With beautiful machining and a wide array of color options they are a serious bling upgrade for your bike.  Despite their good looks, Scrub rotors have a lot of technology and performance features that are easy to overlook.


Our rotors are constructed of 3 distinct components; a center carrier or spider, an outer friction ring and a custom rolled aluminum retaining ring.  Unlike other 2-piece rotors, the outer friction ring is not bolted or riveted to the center carrier in any way.  Rather, the two parts fit together like puzzle pieces and create a solid interface to transfer brake torque.  Our 160mm rotor has 18 points of contact between the carrier and friction ring for even friction ring support and load transfer, compare that to 4 or 5 contact points on other rotors out there.

Why go through the trouble?  The heat generated by a brake system is pretty much focused on the outer diameter of the rotor beneath the brake pads.  On a ‘normal’ rotor, the hot outer diameter of the rotor expands and distorts the much cooler center section.  When the rotor returns to ambient temperature, the distortion causes the rotor to dish, warp and buckle.

With a Scrub floating disc, the outer ring can expand and return to normal temperatures independently of the center carrier.  No stresses, no distortion and no warping or dishing.  Our rotors will stay more true than stock rotors which means less annoying drag and pad rub!


Scrub offers 2 very distinct material options for our friction rings (the outer portion of the rotor where the actual braking takes place).  Most people know Scrub for our super-light race rotors, these use our aluminum-based Metal Composite (MMC).  Our other offering is an industry standard high-grade Stainless Steel friction surface.  The choice of material should be made carefully as the 2 materials behave very differently from each other.  The graphic below summarizes the pros and cons of each:

FR Material Comp

The bottom line is this, the Scrub MMC rotor is a fantastic option to shed another ~50g per wheel out of your cross-country race bike or speed demon cyclocross machine.  They are perfect for cyclocross in fact, they really only show their performance weaknesses under more demanding conditions so you can have all the weight savings without the concerns that you might have on a bike built for bigger mountains.

The Stainless Steel option is Scrub’s bombproof upgrade option for the rest of us.  They will feel at home on any bike and will handle the abuse while simultaneously being the sexiest brake rotors you will ever own.  They’ve proven themselves on everyday trail bikes, all-mountain bikes, gravel bikes, enduro bikes, touring bikes, fat bikes, and just about every other bike that can be had with disc brakes!

Scrub Components.  American Made Replacement Rotors and Brake Pads.

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